Prostrobe Lift

    Prostrobe Lift LED lamp that, with its very flat and slim design, is perfectly suited for all kinds of lifts or other surfaces where there is no space for bigger strobe-lights, nor should sight much. 

    The warning light has 6 different patterns. The lamps remembers the pattern, so that you do not have to do a new setup each time.Prostrobe Lift is R6, ECER10 and ECER148 approved.


    The strobe and warning light is connected like shown below:

    Red = Plus warning light  (12V-36V)
    Black = Minus / Ground
    Yellow = Flash pattern
    White = Synchronization
    Gray = Signal for constant light by wiring to red / plus


    When you pulse the yellow wire to plus under 1 second the lamp changes to the next flash pattern. If you hold it in for 1-3 seconds it will go back to the previous pattern. If you hold it in for more than 5 seconds it will turn off.


    When you connect both red and yellow to plus at the same time, the grouping setup is started. The lamp with then flashes once or twice to show the setup grouping. You can change the group by pulsing the yellow wire to plus. As soon as you turn off the lamp, it will remember set grouping

    Very flat LED lamp perfect for all kinds of lifts. LED warning strobe with 6 different patterns. R6, ECER10 og ECER148 approved.

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