Prostrobe Flex - R65

    Flexible and flat LED strobe lamp that can be mounted on cars, trucks, and especially motorcycles, and connected to 12V and 24V. The lamps feature bright light and many programs. The LED lamp can be curved up to a 120-degree angle and is mounted with 3M self-adhesive tape sitting on the backside of the lamp.

    The LED lamp is made of silicone, which gives its flexibility. The 6 * 4W LEDs make sure that you get a bright yellow strobe light. There are a total of 21 different programs and also low intensity / night mode by the white wire. The LED strobe light is ECE R65 and R10 approved, and can legally be used throughout Europe and be used on public roads and highways.

    There are bolts, nuts, screws, and washers included for mounting the lamp. Furthermore, there is also a plastic bracket included for mounting on even surfaces.

    You can find further information under downloads, where you can download our datasheet o the product, which has more information regarding the different blink patterns / programs.

    This one does not work together with the other Prostrobe strobe lamps at this state, and can therefore not be synchronized with the others.


    The strobelight connected quite easily as shown below.

    • White = Night mode connected constantly to black / minus
    • Red = Plus warning light (12V-24V)
    • Black = Minus
    • Yellow = Blink pattern / programs at minus.

    Blink pattern

    When you pulse the yellow wire on black (minus) for less than 1 second, you switch between the 21 different flash patterns / programs.

    In pulse between 3-5 seconds, you switch to the previous flash pattern / program.

    If the pulse between 6-9 seconds, you switch to the first flash pattern / program.

    Flexible LED strobe lamp that can be bent at a 120-degree angle. ECE R65 approved.

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