AXIXTECH HB6, LED strobe and marker 12-24V

    LED lamp with "halo" marking light all around the edge of the lamp, and a bright LED warning strobe in the middle. The lamp is available with red, white and yellow markerlight and, yellow strobe light in the middle. Other combinations can be supplied if requested.

    The strobe and marker light can be controlled individually, and can also be turned on simultanious. This is a great looking lamp, and cheaper solution that the alternative, if you need both marker light and warning light. You avoid an extra unit that also needs to be mounted and conneced.

    The warning light has 14 different effects, and the lamps can be set up in alternating groups, so that they flash right/left or top/bottom on you vehicle.

    The warning light and the marker light is ECE approved (R65 warnin light, R7/R91 position light and R10 EMC), which allows it to be used on public road and highway.


    The strobe and warning light is connected like shown below:

    White = Plus marker light (12V-24V)

    Red = Plus warning light  (12V-24V)

    Black = Minus / Ground

    White = Syncronization, flash pattern and grouping


    When you pulse the yellow wire to plus, the lamp changes to next flash-pattern. Three quick pulses set the lamp to flash-pattern 1.


    When you connect both red and yellow to plus at the same time, the grouping-setup is started. The lamp with then flash once or twice to show the setup grouping. You can change the group by pulsing the yellow wire to plus. As soon as you turn off the lamp, it will remember set set grouping

    LED lamp with "Halo" marking light, and LED warning strobe in the middle. Controlled individually. ECE approved (R65, R7, R91)

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    Prostrobe Halo - R65

    LED lamp with "Halo" marker light, and LED warning strobe in the middle with 21 different patterns. ECE approved (R65, R148, R10) in all colors

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