LED Daytime Running Lights

Waterproof led-bars and boxes, that for example can be used to make LED daytime running lights/fog lights, as the new Audis have.

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Low Audi LED daytime running lights with the flexible waterproof diode-bar in different colors. Now we've also got yellow, red, blue and green in the programme, so that you can also make additional turn signals, brake lights or other fun solutions.

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TruFLEX LED Daytime Running Lights, Xenon White - 329mm

A flexible light stripe with xenon white diodes, daytime running lights and fog lights. The tape on the back makes it easy to mount anywhere.

DKK 325,00
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A Voltage Converter 18 Watt 12V

A voltage converter 18 Watt - 12V

DKK 125,00

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