W3W / W5W 6xSMD Position Set, Can-Bus 12V - 6000K

    The price is for a set of 2 bulbs.

    Extremely strong Canbus W5W LED bulbs, built with the latest LED technology, giving you an extremely bright light combined with a compact size. With these W5W canbus bulbs, you will avoid error messages on the most new cars that have CanBus or Headlight Control, but of course you can also use the bulbs on older cars without canbus / lamp control.

    The bulbs are built in aluminum to provide optimum cooling for the 6 pcs. 5730 diodes, which separately provides around 50 lumens. The color is 6000K, which is Xenon-white with a blue glow. 

    The length is only 24mm and the diameter of the "head" - ø11mm.

    Ref. No: W3W, W5W, 501, 194, T10, 12256, 12961, 12V, 120101

    Note that excessive heat headlights / remote spotlights shortens the life of the diodes!

    An extremely powerful edition - here is a completely new LED technology with a much stronger light, having in mind the compact size of the bulb.

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