Blue VW Instrumentation kits

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Around the year 96 ~ 98 VW began to use SMD diodes to Instrument as well as display lighting in all models. Do you have a VW in the year you should check whether there are bulbs in Sockets in the instrumentation or for any small SMD diodes.
Installation is easy to because the diodes in fatningerne to be bent and rotated as shown on this sketch On the way you will get a more even light in the instrumentation.

In the center console, the vast majority of models used diode bulb No 111/111-2 (blue) or no 121/121-2 (red). They fit in where there are pears with 4x2mm glass shelf, so that you do not need to solder or the like.

Other places where these bulbs is not sitting, one may be forced to replace them with our special Solve 12V R-led 's. It is diodes with integrated resistance, this means that you can connect 12V directly on the diode without formodstand. They are perfect for contacts mm. where there is little space.

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5 pcs. loose 12V R-LEDs

3 mm diodes with integrated resistance, which means that you can connect 12V directly to the diode without a dropping resistor. 60 degree dispersion angle.

DKK 59,00
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Diode Bulb Number 1 x 1-2

2 very strong 3 mm diodes on the print that fits in 1,2W holders in a heater and contacts that require much light to the sides.

DKK 39,00
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VW Kit 1-Blue (2x112-La)

Fits: Golf II, Jetta, Polo. årg. 83-90. Note that the green foil in the instrumentation must be removed.

DKK 115,00
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Blue Display LED bulb. (1x112-K)

Fits Golf III Vento, Polo, transporter/Caravelle årg. 90 to 97/98. Just need to be swapped out with the original bulb and then the color changed.

DKK 59,00

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