BAx9s / H6W LED bulbs

Powerful LED front position light bulbs replacing incandescent bulbs H6W BAx9s bayonet joints

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Note: Switching from regular position lights bulbs to LED bulbs, the power consumption becomes lower than normal and therefore it might be experienced error messages on newer cars with Bulb-control. One can therefore be forced to use "cheat resistors", which can be found on this page.

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H6W MTEC Super White 12V, 2 pack

H6W MTEC Super White 12V, 2 pack

DKK 129,00
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4 x LED Position Set 12V H6W

H6W BAx9s/parking light with 4 heavy-duty diodes. A built-in power regulator protects from too high charging voltage.

DKK 79,00
In stock again 4/30/2020

50W CREE LED 10-30V - BAY9S H21W Canbus - Xenon White 6000K

Powerful BAY9S H21W LED Bulb 10 powerful 5W LEDs that give light equivalent to a 25W incandescent lamp.

DKK 149,00
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2 pcs. Yellow 13xSMD Bulb 12V - H6W Bax9s

With 13 powerful yellow LEDs. Used as blink lights.

DKK 139,00

Accessories for BAx9s / H6W bulbs 

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Cheat-resistors for 12V, 5W

A smart way to remove errors when switching to LED position lights or to diode rear lights.

DKK 15,00

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