Summer Gadgets

Funny gadgets that can provide the summer with an extra smile. Waterballon slingshots, grill accessories and beer-helmets.

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Great Solo Water balloon Slingshot!

Large water-balloon species gay, who shoots balloons up to 50 meters.

DKK 99,00
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VENTAX 30 cm Table Fan, 30W

A table fan with a simple design and a 30 cm fan-head. 3 speeds with max consumption of 30W.

DKK 249,00
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Gigantic 3-man Water Balloon Slingshot

A large 3-men water balloon Slingshot, which shoots balloons up to 100 meters!

DKK 125,00
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A Large Water Balloon Bag - 200 Balloons

A large bag with 200 water balloons for a big water fight!

DKK 22,00
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Beer Helmet - Red

Beer Helmet in red with 2 canned holders and a straw.

DKK 95,00

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