OptoLine LED Position lamp for Scania sunscreen 24V - Yellow / Orange

    OptoLine LED sunscreen positioning lights, that gives your Scania a "Next Generation" look from the S-model.

    The lamps are available in fiber optics with LED xenon-white or yellow / orange and fit directly into the Scania P / G / R / T and 4 series with original cable wiring - plug 'n' play.

    The lamps are equipped with 12  LEDs that provide a nice and even light in the lamp

    The xenon-white version is E-approved (E6 0831)
    However, we note that it only applies to the xenon-white and NOT the yellow / orange version of the lamp

    The depth of the lamps incl. plug etc. is 47.8mm

    OptoLine gives your Scania a "Next Generation" look Available in fiber-optic LED xenon-white or yellow / orange

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