RGB+CCT LED strips for 24V

RGB+CCT strips can emit both color, warm white and cold white light. With a color controller, you can easily adjust and select the colors precisely.

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RGB+CCT LED strip, 50cm - 24V

Powerful strip with powerful LEDs, that can light both RGB, warm white and cold white. Adjust both color and temperature.

DKK 89,00

Color controller 

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Mi-Light RGB+CCT Remote

Wireless remote for setting color and functions on your Mi-Light RGB+CCT products. 8 zones.

DKK 159,00
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Mi-Light RGB+CCT controller 12V/24V

Color controller for 12V and 24V. that can adjust both RGB color and color temperature of the white light, and mix both!

DKK 195,00
In stock again 3/31/2021

Mi-Light Android and iPhone bridge

Unit that allows controlling Mi-Light units with your smartphone and tablet - both Android and Apple units.

DKK 299,00


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A Wire, Flat Cable - 0,25mm²

A wire / flat cable that can be used for LED light stripes. There is one line for each color and one line for a common plus.

DKK 12,00

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