1530 Profile system for doors, windows and lids

Profile that is primarily intended for the construction of windows and doors. Easy assembly using the corner brackets.


One workday for delivery

Serie 15 - Profile - 15x30

Strong profile that is intended for lids, doors and other parts demanding high stiffness. Two completely flat sides.

DKK 65,00

Corner joints 

The corner joints can be screwed on using M6 bolts, with tall unbraco heads (cheese heeds)

One workday for delivery

M6 bolt with unbrako head

Standard bolt with unbraco head in various lengths, all with M6 thread.

DKK 1,50
One workday for delivery

Serie 15 - Corner bracket

Solid 90 degree bracket for joining two 1530 profiles. The profiles with threads in the center holes are bolted.

DKK 25,00


One workday for delivery

Serie 15 - T-nut, gliding

Nut that fits in to series 15 profiles. It can only be pushed in to the end of the profile.

DKK 4,00


One workday for delivery

Serie 15 - Slot cover

Covers made from plastics, for covering the tracks in series 15 profiles. The covers hide the slot and prevent dirt from collecting in them.

DKK 8,00
One workday for delivery

Serie 15 - Plate holding strip - 1 meter

Plastic strip that fits in to a series 15 profile, so that you can mount a plate, eg. for covers. Fits in 6mm track for 3mm plate.

DKK 10,00

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