Alu-skinne, Bardolino, Muro

    An anodized aluminum-profile for LED stripes that is intended to be mounted on a wall. Placed there, it can light up or down for decorative purposes or for spot-lighting.

    With a plastic-front mounted in the profile, the LED stripe is protected against dust and fingers. With the end-caps, the profile is completely closed.

    You need the wall-brackets to mount the profile on a wall. These can be found in related products, together with the endcaps and fronts.

    End plates

    2 plates of anodized aluminium, including 4 screws. These close off the ends in Muro-profiles. Note that the plates are not similar and they must be mounted in the correct end to fit the profile.


    2 brackets and 2 screws for mounting Bardolino Miro profiles. The profile can be slide in over or it can be clicked on.

    An anodized aluminum-profile for mounting on walls, where it can light up or down.

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    LED Strips for lighting

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    Bardolino Plastic Front

    A plastic front for installation on our aluminium rails. It gives a nice touch, distrubutes the light and protects the SMD-tape from dirt.

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