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MR11/GU 4.0 LED/Diode bulbs

MR11 LED bulbs that fit within the traditional spot lamps MR11/GU4 socket. Replacement is easy when the LED bulbs have the same format as the normal MR11.

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Here you will find energy-saving solutions where there are 0S, GU4 MR11/LED lamps with 16-21 diodes, as well as a variety of high power diode bulbs, where there is 1 ~ 3 PCs. SUPER strong diodes. You can find them in all colors of the Rainbow incl. warm/natural white that matches common halogen lamps.


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Helios MR11 LED Bulb, 12V

MR11 LED bulb with 12 pcs. 3-chip SMD LEDs. It creates a bright light with a warm white and other colored options.

DKK 25,00


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MR11 LED Light Bulb, AC12V

MR11 light bulb with a colored light. 16 powerful LEDs with a low consumption.

DKK 29,00

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