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LED T8 Fluorescent Lamps

LED T8 neon tubes which can replace traditional neon tubes/fluorescent lamps at 18, 36 and 58 Watts. The avarage power consumption is reduced by 60% and there is no warm-up time.

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LED T8 tubes mounted directly into the existing lamp, however, coil/ballast and starter circuit must be disconnected. 

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T8 Philips High Output LED tube

LED tubes that replace the old T8 tubes respectively - 18W, 36W and 58W.

DKK 119,00
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T8 Philips Ultra Output LED tube

Extra powerfull T8 LED tube - Ideal for places where you want more light than before

DKK 189,00
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A Helios T8 LED tube - 3rd Generation

T8 LED tube - 3rd generation that makes replacement somehow easier compared to previous editions.

DKK 189,00

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