AXIXTECH UR03 F13, Round LED Strobe 12V-24V

    Incredible compact LED strobe warning light and emergency light, intended for hidden mounting. Despite its small size, the lamp gives a incredible bright light. The lamp is R65 approved, and it can be used on public road, highway etc.

    The strobe-lamp is mounted in a 25.4mm hole (1 inch), by using the rubber grommet. The grommet is pushed in to the hole first, where after the lamp is pushed in and clicked in place.

    The lamps have 16 different flash-patterns, and the lamps can be split in to 2 different groups, so that they flash alternately (eg. left/right, or top/bottom).


    The lamps are connected as regular lamps, with red and black to respectively plus and minus:

    • Red = Plus (12V-24V)
    • Black = Minus / Ground
    • Yellow = Syncronization, blink patterns and grouping.

    Flash pattern

    When you pulse the yellow wire to plus, the lamp changes to next flash pattern. Three quick pulses will set the lamp to flash pattern 1.


    When you connect both red and yellow to plus at the same time, the grouping-setup is started. The lamp with then flash once or twice to show the setup grouping. You can change the group by pulsing the yellow wire to plus. As soon as you turn off the lamp, it will remember set set grouping.

    Incredible compact LED strobe, intended for hidden mounting. Gives a incredible bright light. R65 approved.

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