44 mm 3 x S-Flux Pointed Bulb 12V

    An extra heavy pointed bulb with 3 SuperFlux LEDs and Xenon White with SMD diodes.

    Our Superflux and SMD diodes are made with 3-Chip Technology, which makes them 3 times more powerful than normal diodes. 
    In addition, they also have a built-in voltage regulator, so that it is protected, for example from a high charging voltage.

    !! The pictures with the light in LEDs are only made with 20% effect, otherwise they dazzles the camera!!

    REF. no: 264, 12866 SV8, 5, C5W, C10W, 12V

    The brightness is equivalent to 5-10 Watts.

    With 3 pcs. 3-Chip SuperFlux or SMD diodes inline.

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