Red 24 x SMD LED Bulb 10-30V DC, 21/5W - Bay15D

    The bulb is +/- driven (DC), so that it only works on vehicles, where the run/brake light is activated with a + wire. 

    A built-in voltage regulator protects for overvoltage and thereby also provide a longer life.

    The diameter is 20 mm.
    Length: 50 mm (measured from the pole to the diode peak)
    REF. no: 1157, 380, 12499, P21/5W, 12V, 24V

    A powerful LED bulb for the run-brake lights.

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    2 pieces Canbus - Resistors - 12V/21W

    A smart way to eliminate error messages, when converting to LED bulbs.

    DKK 119,00
    One workday for delivery

    Cheat-resistors for 12V, 5W

    A smart way to remove errors when switching to LED position lights or to diode rear lights.

    DKK 15,00
    One workday for delivery

    LED Light Bulb, 24xSMD 10-30V, 21W - BA15S

    Extra strong BA15s LED bulbs with 24 pcs. 5050 SMD diodes, which provide a powerful and a wide light.

    DKK 129,00

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