LED spotlights

Powerful LED projectors, that give more light and use less power. Designed and built for outdoor environment. Perfect for area lighting, and work light.

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Our LED projectors are made with proven electronics and LED light sources, making them maintenance-free during their lifespan.

All projectors are minimum IP65. We have models from 10W up to 200W. When comparing the power consumption with the light output, the LED projectors use about 10 times less power.

LED Projectors with sensors 

Projectors that only light up areas when persons are in it, for example a parking lot. This saves large sums of electricity.

LED projectors 

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Avide LED Floodlight, 4000K - 230V

10W and 50W LED floodlights from Avide. They are equivalent to 86Wor 433W halogen lamps.

DKK 99,00
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Mi-Light RGB+CCT Floodlight - 230V

Powerful LED floodlight that has both warm white, cool white and RGB light built in. Wireless control via remote and smartphone.

DKK 795,00

LED work lamps 

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230V LED Work Lamp on a Stand

Powerful 30W and 50W LED work lamp with a stand

DKK 795,00
One workday for delivery

A Work Lamp, Rechargable 10W

LED work lamp that gives you a great light. The build-in battery works for 5 hours use and is being recharged in 5 hours.

DKK 249,00

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