18W LED Fiber Optics - 2, 3 og 4 meter

    LED Fiber light for stary skys with optical fibers. The emitter and fibers are bought seperatly, because you can choose between different types of fiber sets. The fibers have a range of diameters, which allows you to create a great realistic looking star-effect. The built-in twinkling wheel will make the stars twinkle continiously, and the overall brightness can also be adjusted.

    Warm white, RGB+White and what is Mi-Light

    You should consider which functions / demands you have, as the various models have different advantages. The model with warm white will be brighter than the colored model called RGB+White, as the power is split in to all 4 colors.

    Mi-Light is a smart Wifi system that makes it possible to control the colors of the fibers, LED bulbs and LED strips, with one or multiple remotes, and divided in to multiple zones. So with this you change the color of both your lamps, LED strips and fibers at the same time. It is also possible to buy a wifi-module to control it all from your cellphone. Read more about Mi-Light here. 

    If you choose a Mi-Light model, you will get both the standard and the Mi-Light remote, as the Mi-Light only controls the color. The twinkling wheel is controlled by the other.

    Advantages with LED

    This LED fiber emitters have many advantages compared to the old halogen emitters. The buillt-in LED uses much less power and also creates much less heat, and it also has a longer lifetime. 


    All functions - dimming, twinkling wheel and on/off - can be controlles with the included RF remote. The last function and color is remembered and turned on again when the emitter has been powered off.

    The emitter only measures 140 x 95 x 55 mm. The nominal power of the LED is 18W, and the real power consumption is 12W. It is connected to 230V with the included transformer, or directly to 12V with a 5.5/2.1mm DC connector.

    The emitter will turn itself on if the power is disconnected and connected again.

    There is only an English manual included.

    LED Fibre optic lighting with fiber optics respectively 2m, 3m and 4m lengths.

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    A crystal end for fiber-lights

    Acryllic crystals for fiber-lights that give you a nice broken light. The fiber is easy to mount.

    DKK 2,50
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    A rubber end for fiber lights

    An end for holding a fiber to a certain place, ceilings, etc. It is being pushed in to a 4mm hole, where after the fiber can be put in.

    DKK 1,00


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    Tec7 glue and sealant

    Universal glue and sealant that has many advantages. Available in black, clear and white.

    DKK 99,00

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