H1 LED 10-30V - H1 Canbus (50W)

    H1 LED Bulb with 10 powerful 5w LEDs. The length of the bulb is shorter than the other LED models and fits directly in the original H1 mounts.

    The LED bulb only gives light similar to a 25W incandescent bulb, so it is not suitable for the low/high beam, but is more intended for day running lights

    The term 50w is the LEDs overall rating, but their actual consumption is around 6W

    The bulbs can be used on vehicles 12v and 24v and they can also be used on most vehicles with Canbus, but since power consumption is only around 6W, error messages may continue to occur. Are you in doubt we recommend buying external cheat resistors.

    A shorter model of the 50W H1 LED for easier installation in small headlights

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