H4 Xenon White LED Light Bulb 10-30V

    H4 LED bulb with 24 powerful SMD 3-Chip LEDs that make Xenon white light. Can be used as daytime running lights in the headlights and as fog lights.

    Brightness corresponds to approx. 20 Watts of power, so that they can not replace ordinary halogen bulbs. 

    There is a built-in voltage regulator, so that the LEDs are protected for over voltage, which gives you also a longer life.
    The color corresponds to ca. 6000K. 

    Note: They do not tolerate high heat, so they must not be mounted in the same lamp body as halogen bulbs.
    The bulbs are, unfortunately, not E-approved.

    Note: the LEDs do not light up on the beam, so that they are suitable only as today's daytime running lights.

    A powerful LED light bulb with H4 socket and Xenon white light.

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