H1 Xenon White LED Light Bulb 12V - Round

    H1 LED bulb with 13 powerful SMD 3-Chip LEDs that gives a Xenon white light. It can be used as day-daytime running lights in the headlights and as fog lights. The brightness is equivalent to approx. 15 Watt, so they cannot replace ordinary halogen bulbs. 
    There is a built-in voltage regulator, so that the LEDs are protected for over voltage, this gives you also a longer life.
    The color corresponds to ca. 6000K. 

    • Full length: 69mm
    • Length from base to end : 52mm

    Note: The bulbs do not tolerate high heat, so that they can not be mounted in the  same main body as the halogen bulbs.

    The bulbs are unfortunately NOT E-approved.

    H1 socket with powerful SMD diodes in Xenon white color 6000K

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