LED work lamps

LED worklamps can be used for various lighting purposes on vehicles. They can easily be mounted, so that they lighten the whole workspace. The work-lamps can be connected to both 12V and to 24V.

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LED work lights have numerous advantages over other light sources:

  • a better durability
  • a longer life
  • a lower power consumption
  • a more compact size

The working lights can be installed on agricultural machines, so that crops can be seen during spraying at night. On trucks, they can act as extra lighting both front and rear when the truck must be parked.

The powerful LED light sources and proven electronic in work lights make them maintainace free throughout their life.

Worklamp bars 

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LED Lightbar, 10 - 30V

Beautiful LED light bar with a compact design and dual LED rows. The curved design results in a good and even light spreading, despite the use of spot-reflectors.

DKK 479,00
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SLIM LED Light Bar, Spot and Flood 10 - 30V

Slim LED light bar with a compact design and a single LED line. Available in Spot and Flood beam

DKK 795,00
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Curved LED Light Bar Worklight, 10 - 30V

Beautiful light bar in a curved design with spot-reflectors for the powerful LEDs. The curved design results in a good and even light scattering, despite of the use of spot-reflectors.

DKK 1.675,00

Single lamps 

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9W mini LED work light, 10 - 30V - Spot

Powerful LED worklight in compact size, that still has a high output of 810 lumen.

DKK 199,00
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Fristom LED work light in plastic, 12V-55V

The known LED work light made entirely out of plastic and mounting brackets. Nice lamp with replaceable frame.

DKK 299,00
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A Flat LED Work Lamp 10 - 30V 2600 lm - Standard

Flat lamp with 6 white powerful LEDs. It can be used as, for example as a work lamp or as an extra backlight. Available as standard or built-in model.

DKK 235,00
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27W LED worklamp, E-approved 10-30V

E-Approved Work light with 9 powerful Osram LEDs. Wide viewangle and 1710 lumens output

DKK 189,00
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27W LED Work Light 10-30V, round

A round work lamp with 9 high power LEDs that gives plenty of light with a big view angle.

DKK 189,00
In stock again 5/29/2021

48W LED Work Light, E-Marked 10-30V

E-Approved Work light with 16 powerful LEDs.

DKK 279,00
0 workdays for delivery

Wiring Harness for Worklights with a Relay and a Switch

Complete harness for 12V and 24V with a relay, a switch, a connector to the lamp and battery-terminals. Used for easy connection.

DKK 149,00

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