LED Position Set, 10mm 12V-24V - W3W / W5W

    The price is for a set of 2 light bulbs.

    W3W W5W parking light with 10 mm diode and a built-in power regulator, so that it is protected, for example from a high charging voltage.

    Note, high heat from the headlights/remote spotlights shortens the lifespan of the LEDs!

    32 mm long (measured from the bottom of the print to the diode peak)
    REF. no: W3W W5W, 501, 194, T10, 12256, 12961, 12V

    W3W W5W parking light with 10 mm diode. A built-in 12V-24V regulator with protection for such as a high charge voltage.

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