Xenon white position lights to Xenon Kits

Xenon White light positions that match your obese Xenon-lamps

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Note: Switches to his regular position lights bulbs with LED bulbs will power consumption become lower than normal and there may therefore be experienced error messages on newer cars with Bulb-control. One can therefore be forced to use "cheat resistors" which can be found on this page.

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LED Position Set, 10mm 12V-24V - W3W / W5W

W3W W5W parking light with 10 mm diode. A built-in 12V-24V regulator with protection for such as a high charge voltage.

DKK 59,00
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4 x LED Position Set 12V H6W

H6W BAx9s/parking light with 4 heavy-duty diodes. A built-in power regulator protects from too high charging voltage.

DKK 79,00
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Cheat-resistors for 12V, 5W

A smart way to remove errors when switching to LED position lights or to diode rear lights.

DKK 15,00

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