Matronics Sublight Underwater - RGB Lamp

    Our beautiful and advanced RGB underwater lamp with 3 x 3W RGB LEDs from Edison Opto allows you to change the colors of the light with precision.

    With a color controller, you can change the three color channels: red, green and blue individually and and by combining these three primary colors you can make countless color-combinations.

    The lights run directly on 12V DC making it easy to connect several lamps to the same color controller. The lamps are compatible with all kinds of 12V RGB color controllers, which allows you to create advanced solutions with zone functions and remote controlling from a Smartphone device.

    The lamps are constructed in the same way as single-color lamps - solid products designed for underwater use.

    An updated model of our RGB underwater lamps that now can be connected directly to 12V. 3 very bright High Power LEDs produce a phenomenal light.

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    Sublight underwater lights for boats

    Sublight underwater lights for boats


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    Mi-Light RGB system

    RGB controller for 12V and 24V that can be controlled with a wireless remote or can be extended with a smartphone control.

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    T3 Wireless RGB Color Control - 12V and 24V

    T3 remotes are used for the T3 controllers. A quick color-change with the color wheel and other advanced possibilities. Two models.

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